POLYSHIELD platform explainded, investing in masternode shares and earning revenue


POLYSHIELD registrations are now active
The site is now fully active in terms of adding new users. The registration process is the unique 'proof of polytimos' anti-bot registration that utilized transactions on the polytimos blockchain to verify users are indeed human. Download a polytimos wallet from POLYTIMOS releases on github and get the chain synchronized before your registration. Coins can either be mined (on a pool such as our partner pool cryptopool.party) or can be purchased via crypto-bridge exchange HERE (direct BTC/POLY market link). If a user has issues with the registration method, they may reach out to the team on Discord chat in the POLYSHIELD services Discord . We are always available to assist our community in any way, and will gladly assist you in getting registered.

POLYSHIELD is listing new supported coins
The platform will be listing Diamond coin (DMD) and other coins upon communication with their coin teams and communities. DMD coin will be added next to the stakepool.

Feel free to suggest any other coins to be listed on POLYSHIELD
The stakepool of POLYSHIELD is the first fully functional service, which will be soon followed by the MasterNode Sharing service, and additional services in planning. If you would like to see another supported coin on POLYSHIELD, simply reach out to the team in dedicated POLYSHIELD services Discord server and speak to one of the admins. There are only a couple requirements that will be discussed at that point.